Chriz Tong 湯薇恩’s first ever sold out concert!

Thank you everyone who helped made Chriz’s first ever, sold out concert a wonderful success! – 254 audiences, 25 front & backstage crew, 4 piece band, 1 mic, 1 rainy evening, many many wonderful fans who have purchased her concert tickets and came to support her! Especially on a rainy Sunday!

Let us now relive these exciting moments at her amazing sold out show!

Chriz’s heartfelt thanks to all her lovely fans and supporting partners:

Many thanks to all who made it tonight! And the many of u who wished me luck even though u can’t make it, thankew and see u at e next one! :P

It was an exhilarating night. I’m truly blessed to work with such a wonderful team. My awesome band – James Yeo, Daniel Chai, Mei Sheum & Shawn Kok, u guys rock! Thankew my dear Colindesean lifestyle Image, audaash and for making me look fabulous. Not forgetting Peter老師 for completely stealing my show haha. And Jasper for always screaming the loudest and cheering for me!

Words can’t even begin to describe how grateful I am feeling right now. I guess I must have done something right :) May this be the first of many more to come!


演出圓滿結束了,非常感謝所有到場支持的朋友們。感謝台前幕後的工作人員,你們辛苦了!感謝我的超級樂隊 – James, Daniel, Mei & Shaun, 你們太棒了!感謝 Colindesean lifestyle Image – 柯林生活艺术馆,audaash 還有 的團隊把我弄得美美的 謝謝Peter老師當我的特別嘉賓!謝謝Jasper充當我的啦啦隊~



We would like to thank the organiser, EE-FTY 艺工厂, crew from the Esplanade – Theatres On The Bay and The Red Planet Group, supporting partners from M·A·C Cosmetics for the make-up, Colindesean lifestyle Image, for hair and overall styling, audaash boutique for the stunning wardrobe, Surrealist Love Scene / for the lovely shoes.

Check out Chriz’s Facebook for more photos of the Performance!
Photography by Steven Teo / J2meepok and EE-FTY.

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