Chriz Tong 湯薇恩

Red Planet Group - Chriz Tong 湯薇恩

Chriz Tong’s unique vocals and talent was discovered at the 2005 Rhapsody Singing Contest, back then, she was just a backup vocalist. After which, She then went through a series of professional vocal training in pursuit to creating her own distinctive style of music. In 2007, Chriz released her first album titled “Wei En Xazz” to showcase her talent with her unique interpretation of lyrics of the modern popular music, and her versatility in singing pop rock, ballads & R&B styles.

Her first MediaCorp TV drama serial theme song, “Kampong Ties”, was very well received and was then nominated as the Best Theme Song in Star Awards 2012. The following year, she sung another theme song “Truth, Virtue and Beauty” for the drama “Don’t Stop Believin’”, and was once again nominated as the Best Theme Song in Star Awards 2013. This song went viral, and attracted over 10 million hits since the drama was aired.

This year, Chriz launched her new single “Coffee Love Song” for the drama “96°C Café”. As the melody and genre was unique and distinctive, it prompted the audiences to find out more about Chriz and her music. Followed by the latest drama theme song “Love at Risk” and sub-theme song “An Unfinished Love Song” was also well received by the audiences. The 18th Singapore Hit Awards also nominated “Coffee Love Song” and “Love at Risk” for the “Top Downloaded Hits” Award Category. With her rising popularity, she was also invited for several TV, radio and media interviews, and was also invited to perform for other performances such as the upcoming Sundown Festival. In the recent news report, Chriz also crowned as the “Queen of Theme Song“.

Recently on 20th October 2013, Chriz held her first ever sold out concert at the Esplanade Recital Studio, where she vividly serenaded her audiences with the rendition of her popular TV drama series theme song and received a warm round of applause from the audience.


汤薇恩是在2005年的一场校园歌唱比赛中被发掘;之后她不断在录音室里尝试演绎不同的歌曲,继而摸索创造出自己的一套演绎方式。2007 年推出第一张专辑《薇恩Xazz》。展现了她的实力,演绎现代流行的曲风,英式摇滚,中板情歌和R&B等,把她的音色在不同的层次展现出来。


汤薇恩在今年,2013年推出的电视剧《96度 C 咖啡》的主题曲〈啡情歌〉,是电视剧很少出现的曲风,一下子获得关注和回响;紧接着的《爱情风险》主题曲〈爱情风险〉和插曲〈一首没唱完的情歌〉也深受好评。在第十八届《新加坡金曲奖》增设下载率最高金曲,〈啡情歌〉和〈爱情风险〉已经在排行榜上了!可见知名度已经开始上升,也因此被邀请上电视节目以及其他邀约演出。在某个报道中,汤薇恩被记者朋友冠上“新一代主题曲女王”的名号了!

汤薇恩近期,10 月 20 日于滨海艺术中心音乐室呈献的《没唱完的情歌》专场音乐会,全场爆满,演出淋漓尽致,得到了非常良好的回响。这也是汤薇恩首次踏上滨海艺术中心音乐室,带来她一系列心爱的歌曲,中肯的态度和真性情赢得现场观众的热烈掌声。