Kampong Ties 《甘榜情缘》 Nominated for Star Awards 红星大奖 2012!

Red Planet Group - Chriz Tong 湯薇恩 - Kampong Ties 《甘榜情缘》 Nominated for Star Awards 红星大奖 2012

Red Planet Group is pleased and excited to announce that Kampong Ties 《甘榜情缘》, a local drama theme song sung by Chriz 薇恩 has been nominated as Best Theme Song for the very first time. Kampong Ties 《甘榜情缘》 is the theme song of the MediaCorp Drama, Kampong Ties 《甘榜情》 that debuted on Channel 8 on the 24th October 2011.

The song was sung by Chriz Tong 湯薇恩, composed by Jack Lim Swee Ann, the lyrics were written by Colin Qi, arranged by Bob Yean, and produced by The Red Planet Music Productions. We would like to thank MediaCorp for nominating this theme song, all those who have been supporting the drama and its theme song!



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